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Being in the Home Improvement Business or working as an Independent Contractor is not just one job – it’s at least three.

First, you’re the salesman – you chat with clients to help them decide on the service they need. Second – you’re a marketer, tasked with finding people who will sit down to talk business. Third – you’re your own business manager, even when you’re not.

That’s a lot of work, even for the most seasoned in the industry.

And the most frustrating part?

Following up with clients, nurturing relationships, and managing the technical side of your work doesn’t even make a dent in your actual job – which is to build and improve spaces with your years of extensive expertise.

We know that burden here at Weighter – which is why we aim to take the weight off your shoulders.

Working to help independent contractors and business owners, we noticed a pattern…

In our experience, and probably yours too – there’s only two ways business works.

Either you use multiple programs and applications to manage clients and operations

OR, you stick to the pen and paper method of keeping business organized.


Because until now, the existing software on the market for people in this industry has been disappointing.

It hasn’t been intuitive, innovative, or ideal.


Weighter took this window of opportunity and developed an automation system that provides every single operation feature in one convenient place.

Allow Weighter to Take Your Orders

Our menu of services
encompasses these 3 core areas:

  • Lead generation for more clients
  • Automatic follow-ups via our system
  • High converting marketing campaigns

Weighter’s entire platform is developed and designed with your best skills in mind.

We know you want to spend less time navigating all the tedious admin, and client-chasing paperwork that comes with business – and more time doing what you do best: rebuilding, revamping, and refreshing spaces to their full glory.

With Weighter, this idea is built into the foundation of our service platform – so you can work on your business – not in it.

After all, you’re doing the kind of work other businesses would hire other people for.

But why hire more people and deal with the costs, when you can use our automated lead generation system?

Heavy on features, Lightyears Ahead

So how does it work?

Weighter operates with 3 core pillars in mind:

More Customers

With our community support, we aim to provide businesses with the highest converting strategies used by some of the most successful digital marketers in the game. The goal is to make you the most money, for the least upkeep.


Our all-in-one marketing and sales platform allows you to keep your tools in one convenient place – streamlining your entire delivery process so you can focus on keeping your clients happy.


So far, you’ve reached a level of success on your own, but in our modern world – you no longer have to focus so much of your attention on the busy-work. There’s more important ways to grow your business, and now you can.

Let Weighter take the wheel.

Auto-manage your communication channels. Create marketing messages. Capture new leads.

When you’re in the business of home improvement the only people who can relate to your unique struggles are people in the same business.

But here at Weighter – we have extensive experience working with independent contractors and home improvement businesses, so we have unique access to the pain points.

We know it’s not just about managing and building a database of clients – it’s about generating leads far into the future.

With our siloed system of several strategic software functions – including engaging current and new leads – you can enjoy one centralized virtual environment that helps you not only sell more but sell more often.

What does Weighter include?

It’s the full-service, complete choice CRM platform.
Our software combines over 25 other software functions into one neat package.

As business owners ourselves, we know that your regular day-to-day stress looks like meeting prospects, pitching your services, and closing deals.

Each stage of this management process requires strict self-imposed deadlines, quality expectations from clients and performance pressure.

That’s just the way it is.

You’ve lost count of your call list – your paperwork is a mile high, and you can’t tell up from down some weeks.
But with Weighter, you no longer have to accept doing modern business the old way.
It’s time to enter the new age.